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Laundromat with Drop Off Wash & Fold Service near Waco and Gatesville

Our laundromats are full-service with drop off service. So, if you find yourself too busy to do your own laundry, bring your clothes in for our wash and fold service. We charge only $1.75 a pound with a 10 pound minimum. We will wash, dry and fold your clothes. Magic Wash N Dry uses commercial products that do a great job. If you prefer the name brand products, such as Tide, Gain, or Downy, we add just $1 more to your order. We are a laundromat that will wash your clothes for you. If you prefer some of your clothes to be hung up rather than folded and bagged, we charge only $1 for four hangers.

Wash & Fold Pricing

Wash & Fold
Per Pound

**10 Pound Minimum

Drop Off
Per Pound

**10 Pound Minimum

  • Comforters $15-$31
  • Sleeping Bags $10.00
  • Pillows $5-$12

**Pillow prices vary depending on if they are synthetic or down

Same day service of your fluff and fold is just a little bit more. We charge $2.25 a pound to have your laundry done on the same day that you drop it off.

Some larger items are priced by the piece rather than the pound because of the lengthy drying times. Comforters are $20. Sleeping bags are $10. Pillows are $5-$8 depending on if they are synthetic or down.

Magic Wash N Dry provides great pickup and drop off laundry service.