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Frequently Asked Questions ​​

We have machines as small as 20 pounds and as large as a 77-pound machine that is the equivalent of eight loads. Yes, your comforter will fit. In fact, you can probably do two in the large machine.

Our vehicle goes out Monday-Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. You can select the time slot that works best for you.

Absolutely, if you feel it is safe in your neighborhood or you can tell us where your clothing will be located when you put down your preferences.


We open the doors at 7 am. The last load needs to be started by 8:45 pm.

Two days. If we pickup your clothes on Tuesday, they will be returned on Thursday.

When we complete the order, we will bill your credit card and we will email you the invoice.

Call us at (254) 235-9274 or email us at info@magicwashndry.com and we will create an account for you.