Fabric Softener & Laundry Facts

Should You Use a Liquid Fabric Softener or Fabric Sheets?

February 20, 2020

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Both fabric softeners and dryer sheets leave your clothes feeling soft and static free. Some even come with a very nice scent. Both help eliminate static and wrinkles while making your clothes feel softer and smell better.

As you know, liquid fabric softener is added to the wash cycle and gets into the fabric fibers. Liquid fabric softeners may even keep your clothes from stretching out, fading, and accumulating fuzz. But they can stain your clothes as the softener is made from oil. They can build up in the dispenser and require regular cleaning. Make sure you add the softener only during the final rinse when the tub is full of water which will avoid staining clothes.

Dryer sheets increase the cottony feel of fabric. They are coated with stearic acid which melts in the dryer and coats clothes. In some cases, staining has been reported so do NOT overfill your dryer. Place the dryer sheet on top of the clothes after loading the dryer.

Do Not Use Softener:

  • Microfiber Clothes. They may damage the ability to trap dust & absorb spills.
  • Athletic sportwear. May lessen the chance you will feel cooler during your workout.
  • Children’s clothing. Softeners will lessen the flame resistance. NEVER use it with children’s sleepwear.
  • Towels. Reduces their ability to absorb water.

Alternative to fabric softener:

  • White vinegar doesn’t get rid of static but softens clothing. Use ½ cup for a load of clothes when the tub is full of water, so it doesn’t bleach your clothes.
  • Aluminum foil balls will reduce static but do not soften clothes. Toss in 3” balls made from aluminum foil.


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